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Overcoming addiction.


How effective is addiction treatment for drugs and alcohol?

Have you ever wondered about the effectiveness of addiction treatment for drugs and alcohol? It's a common question, often accompanied by the debate of whether addiction is a disease or a choice. The truth is, addiction is indeed a disease, but recovery is a choice that can lead to lasting change.

 Research conducted by The Butler Center at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation sheds light on the positive outcomes of addiction treatment. Their studies show that 89% of participants maintain sobriety one month after completing a rehabilitation program, with 70% still sober after nine months. These statistics highlight the potential for success when seeking addiction treatment in San Diego.


Source: The Butler Center at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Restore offers the most effective types of treatments.


Experience the comfort and safety you deserve during alcohol detox and withdrawal at Restore Detox Centers. Don't navigate the process alone—take the first step towards recovery with our support. Find the help you need today.


Rehabilitation is a crucial step towards recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Restore Detox Centers provide round-the-clock care in a structured environment, offering various programs tailored to individual needs.


At Restore Detox Centers, we offer a variety of treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction. Our Residential Treatment Program addresses and monitors the ongoing symptoms of post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) to provide effective support for long-term recovery.

Personalized addiction treatment at Restore Detox Centers.

At Restore Detox Centers, we understand that every individual and their journey towards recovery is unique. We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to addiction treatment. We prioritize comprehensive assessments to personalize treatment programs for maximum effectiveness.

For addiction treatment in San Diego County, choose Restore Detox Centers. Our dedicated team is here to support your healing with personalized care.

Explore detox treatments at Restore.

In your journey towards recovery, Restore Detox Centers offers a range of detox treatments to help individuals battling drug or alcohol addiction. With residential and outpatient programs, their medical detox center in San Diego provides comprehensive care. Discover more about their detox program and how it can support your path to healing.

Heroin detox

Residential treatment

Benzo detox

Alcohol detox

Drug detox

Depressants detox


Opiate detox

Methadone detox

Opioid detox

Therapuetic modalities offered by Restore.

At Restore Detox Centers, we offer comprehensive detox and rehab programs that integrate diverse therapeutic techniques to support individuals in achieving their sobriety goals. Our holistic approach addresses both the physical challenges of addiction and the mental health issues faced by our clients. Through various therapeutic modalities, we effectively treat co-occurring and dual-diagnosed individuals.

Expressive Arts Therapy

Music Therapy

Pet Therapy

Meditation Therapy

Group Yoga Sessions

Personal Trainers

Fitness Classes

Relapse Prevention

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Off-site 12 Step Program

Behavioral Therapy

Addiction Treatment FAQs

One day at a San Diego addiction treatment center can cost up to $1000. The cost for outpatient services or a medical detox may vary. Fortunately, many insurance companies will cover the cost of residential treatment centers in San Diego, CA. 

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