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October 18, 2022

Cultivating Gratitude in Addiction Recovery

Being an addict and going through addiction recovery comes with obstacles.  It is never an easy task when you are filled with feelings of guilt and regret because of your addiction.

Regardless of how tough the road has been, it’s important to foster gratitude for the progress you’ve made throughout your journey.  

During addiction recovery, learning to be grateful is one of the most beneficial practices. Gratitude is beneficial and encompasses many things, like appreciating what you have in life.  

Cultivating gratitude in addiction recovery also teaches you to be appreciative of the things you are no longer going through or struggling with.  Gratitude can help you focus on the more essential things in life like hobbies, loved ones, and most importantly, your well-being. 

Instead of thinking about the negatives of your recovery journey from substance abuse, you can learn to be grateful for the position you are now in. 

Your journey will take on a whole new meaning as a result of this change in perspective. Gratitude has been shown to have several positive effects even in scientific studies.

What is Gratitude in Recovery? 

Gratitude is essentially the feeling of joy for things you have in life and the quality of being thankful.  

While it’s easy to think to be grateful for material things, gratitude encompasses everything in life, from your family to your health to your experiences.    

By actively practicing gratitude, you can cultivate a mindset of positive thinking, enhancing your mental and physical health.  Our energy and confidence are increased when we are grateful. 

Creating a healthy recovery leads to a better quality of life for everyone involved.  

Boosts Your Physical Health

Research shows that practicing gratitude daily can improve your physical and mental well-being. By practicing gratitude, you improve your sleep, boost your immunity, and reduce your disease risk.

Other improvements to your physical health include: 

  • Improved immune system
  • Decreased sense of aches and pain 
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Fitness and health become more important and interesting


The goal of practicing gratitude is to move your mind from sometimes thinking about it to making it routine.  Over time, gratitude will become second nature.  You’ll learn how to incorporate a little bit of gratitude throughout your day and begin appreciating the listings in life. 

Appreciate the Small Things 

Speaking of small things, appreciating the simple things in your life can help cultivate gratitude as well. Often we take things like people opening the door for us or having a good conversation with a loved one for granted.

Rather than focusing on the negatives throughout your day, flip your focus on these positive interactions and moments. Simple acts like these help us cultivate gratitude attitudes. 

Make a Gratitude Journal 

At one point in your recovery journey, you’ll begin to realize the most important things in life.  When you have these things in mind, write them down every day in a gratitude journal.  Whether you like it or not, it serves as a constant reminder of things you appreciate in your life. 

It gradually shifts your mindset in a positive direction, like previously mentioned.  Some days might seem challenging where you don’t feel grateful for anything.  But the more you concentrate and focus on the little things that make you grateful; you’ll feel more fulfilled and appreciative. 

Gratitude Encourages Service

When you are doing something for others, it’s almost impossible not to feel a sense of gratitude.  Acts of service take some form of humility, but it will help you stay humble, which is a great foundation when cultivating gratitude. 

Acts of service can be anything from making breakfast for someone or helping break down an event.  If you’re currently active in recovery, it can be something along the lines of advising a person who has a substance use disorder. 

Opportunities to serve don’t stop within your circle.  With the holidays coming up, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can find ways to help through feedings the homeless or participating in a toy drive. Serving others will give you a deeper appreciation for life, for yourself, and others. Keeping clean and sober will strengthen your resolve.

Restore Detox Is Here to Help

Regardless of your situation or circumstances, Restore Detox Centers is here to help you cultivate a full of love, gratitude, and support.  When you start a treatment program with Restore Detox Centers, you’ll get a personalized plan specifically for you.  

Rehab in San Diego is made easier with Restore Detox Centers.  To learn more about detox and addiction treatment, call us at (858) 302-4417


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