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September 21, 2021

What to Look for in a Good Halfway House

We are on the verge of 2018 and what a time to be alive. Most of us are jaded to the fact that we live in a Jetson’s resemblant world where any and everything is possible. We have the power to answer any question in the world just by pulling a little piece of plastic from our pockets and mashing a few buttons with the tips of our fingers. Medicine has taken leaps and bounds in recent years. Heck, for the right price we can purchase a ticket and fly anywhere on the planet. Provided the right conditions, we can rest our heads wherever in the world we choose.   

However, some of us are provided so much slack in the rope of life that we end up hanging ourselves unintentionally. Some of us need more organization than that. The thing is, addicts and alcoholics will always take a mile if provided an inch. So on that note, some of us have found ourselves with the need for specific structure over free reign to do any and everything possible. Addiction often times causes the need for an assisted approach.

Once we have looked our admitted alcoholic tendencies up and down deciphering the need for help, there are many paths to be chosen. There are some that find solstice by checking themselves into an inpatient treatment center, and then others that do the whole recovery deal with a little bit of support from home. Then there are those of us that want something in between like an amazing halfway house- somewhere where we can sleep comfortably. No, it’s not a thrilling idea to most, but it’s not a death sentence. Despite your living arrangements, remember that home is where the heart is.

Sober Search Party

Of the many things recommended to newcomers, having some form of answerability is golden. Deciding to pack up your bags and moving into a halfway house can be nerve-wracking. Most don’t want to share an unfamiliar territory with strangers or learn a set of rules that aren’t their own. It can be a trying process, but in the end, it’s completely worth it. Moving into a sober living is the best way to continue down a path of remaining happy, joyous and free in early recovery.  

Living in any halfway house is a way to ensure successful early sobriety. For starters, this type of living pushes the idea that you are never alone with this disease. There will be others that have similar stories and found themselves in parallel circumstances. It tends to really help knowing that somebody else has gone through mirrored struggles that we’ve encountered. Not only that but living in a sober home creates a slew of other pros to look for such as:

  • Making Lifelong Friends
  • Accountability through Urinalysis
  • A Protective Bubble for Starting Fresh
  • Easy Fellowshipping
  • Cheaper Rent in Early Sobriety
  • Sober Connections

A halfway house can be that extra step any good alcoholic thinker may need to raise the bar for themselves. Most of the time the living situation is just a step-down situation for substance abusers coming out of treatment. This is a time to take advantage of not being alone and preparing for the mundane complacency that follows for some after the pink cloud dissipates.

female roommates

Almost There Residences

The accountability aspect plays a huge role when finally unpacking into the drawers of a halfway house. It may take some adjusting following somebody else’s rules, but the character that is built from this makes a world of difference in early sobriety. When looking for a good halfway house, there are lots of things to look at in regards to how safe you’ll be in your new sober living quarters.

Unfortunately, as addicts/alcoholics, the odds are against us while the stakes for relapse remain versatile. So staying in a secure environment like this will prevent any substances from making their way onto the premises. A good halfway house will provide a constructive manner to start this recovery thing off the right way.

Living on a Prayer

Finding stable living conditions helps when the voiceless voices of alcoholic thinking are attempting to run amuck can be a necessary pain in the rear. It’s that living, breathing safety belt some of us need. It doesn’t make any of us weaker than the next, it just means that some of us need that extra cushion or push. On top of that, recovery homes are meant to teach us how to be stronger. We learn to go through things that most could never dream of. You see, a good halfway house will help keep an eye you all the while leaving that same slack in the rope that was there before. The living arrangement is kind of like a sober placebo effect if you think about it.  

The people that we allow into our close-knit circle are the ones that will help mold and build us in early sobriety. These people become friends and often become the most quality of friends that some of us have ever had the delight to experience. Any good halfway house will go hand in hand with good recovery morals and placing those principles in all affairs. After all, recovery is about fellowship which is about a group of people all helping each other to do the same thing. Remember that it’s not a permanent address, so this halfway house thing might be worth a shot.

Adjusting to Sober Living before Sober Living

At the end of the day, some of us require a bit of additional help before comfortably moving into any type of sober residence. Addiction will show up at your door with both barrels blazing and it’s up to us as the alcoholics we are to know how to handle it appropriately. Nobody wants to be victim to this disease. It’s on us to get clean while the getting is good.  If you or your loved one is ready to leave substance dependency behind and start a new way of life, please call 1-858-293-1363 or visit Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind. 


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