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Detox & Treatment in San Diego, California. 

Restore is the premier boutique detox, treatment, and aftercare facility in San Diego, California.

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Access to treatment has never been easier, with Restore.

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At Restore Detox Centers, we prioritize personalized help every step of the way. Even if we are unable to provide immediate treatment, we are committed to serving as a trusted resource to guide you on the path to recovery.

(800) 982-5530

Who we are

Restore Detox Centers is your 24-hour residential treatment facility for alcohol and drug addiction. Our compassionate team of professionals understands your challenges, providing effective rehabilitation services in San Diego. From medically assisted detox to comprehensive residential programs, we guide you towards a life free from addiction. Rest assured, we are accredited by The Joint Commission, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. Trust us to support you at every stage of your healing journey.

Who we work with

We specialize in delivering boutique-like, personalized care.

Individuals With Substance Use Disorders:

Our detox and treatment centers provide crucial support for those struggling with addiction. They offer professional help to break free from the cycle of addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Clients:

Many seeking detox and treatment services have co-occurring mental health disorders. Our integrated programs provide comprehensive support, addressing both substance use and mental health needs.

Family Members and Loved Ones: 

Addiction impact relationships and family dynamics. We involve and support the client's support network through family therapy, educational workshops, and ongoing support, helping families heal and rebuild together.

What we do

Whether you're seeking treatment or supporting a loved one's recovery, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

 Residential Treatment

Our centers provide a safe and supportive environment for those battling drug or alcohol addiction. Our comprehensive programs are tailored to meet each client's specific needs.


Our detox centers assist individuals in safely and comfortably withdrawing from substances. With medical support, we manage symptoms for a successful detox process.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

At Restore Detox Centers, we address substance use and mental health together. Our integrated programs support individuals with co-occurring disorders.

Aftercare Support

Our detox centers provide aftercare support for long-term sobriety. Counseling, therapy, support groups, and monitoring help prevent relapse.

Why we're different

There's a reason why we're the most trusted detox center in Poway, California.


What our customers are saying 

We're building a community of raving fans.

Kristin M.

"I cannot express enough how grateful I am for my experience at Restore Detox Center. The staff, including Steven, Johnny, and Darla, played an instrumental role in my recovery journey. Their unwavering support, compassion, and expertise created a safe and nurturing environment for me to heal. Through their guidance and the program's focus on long-term value, I have not only overcome my addiction but also gained valuable tools to maintain a fulfilling and sober life. Restore Detox Center truly transformed my life, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking effective and compassionate addiction treatment."

Marcus S.

"I was skeptical about seeking help for my addiction, but Restore Detox Center proved to be a life-changing experience for me. The staff, especially Steven, Johnny, and Darla, went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and supported throughout my recovery journey. Their informative and educational approach, combined with their genuine care, helped me understand the root causes of my addiction and provided me with the necessary tools to overcome it. Thanks to Restore Detox Center, I have regained control of my life and am now on a path towards long-term success and happiness."

Leah R.

"Restore Detox Center provided me with the foundation I needed to turn my life around. The staff, including Steven, Johnny, and Darla, were like a second family to me during my time there. Their kindness, patience, and expertise in addiction recovery made all the difference. The program's emphasis on long-term value and their persuasive approach helped me gain clarity and motivation to stay committed to my sobriety. I am forever grateful to Restore Detox Center for helping me reclaim my life and providing me with the tools to thrive in my recovery journey."


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