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Inpatient and Residential Treatment in San Diego


At our San Diego Residential Treatment Center, we facilitate profound transformations through compassionate support and understanding.

If you’re looking for residential treatment in San Diego, you can stop scrolling: Restore Detox is one of the most trusted residential treatment centers in Southern California. Unlike conventional rehab centers, Restore provides holistic programs that meticulously address every facet of recovery. Our inpatient program in San Diego provides innovative and transformative techniques to assist clients in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction—for good. 

What is Residential Treatment? 

Residential treatment, often called inpatient treatment, involves individuals residing in a specialized facility for an extended period to receive intensive therapy or rehabilitation services. It's commonly used for addressing mental health disorders, substance abuse, or behavioral issues. 

Why Choose Residential Treatment? 

Residential treatment offers a structured environment conducive to healing and recovery from various mental health or substance abuse issues. With round-the-clock support, therapy sessions, and a focus on individualized care, it provides intensive intervention and a safe haven away from triggers, fostering lasting transformation and growth.

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At Restore, our dedicated admissions team assists individuals in verifying their insurance coverage for residential treatment. We work closely with various insurance providers to ensure that individuals receive the maximum benefits available to them, helping to alleviate financial concerns and facilitate access to quality inpatient treatment. 

Please contact us to begin the insurance verification process and take the first step toward recovery.

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