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Methadone Detox San Diego

Methadone Detox in San Diego


The opiate epidemic has left many finding themselves in conflict. Opiates and synthetic opioids alike are the focus of our seemingly never-ending drug war in the United States. For any chemically dependent users, this includes congressionally approved narcotics such as Methadone. Methadone addiction is as large an issue as any other DEA condoned prescription but sits under the radar due to it being the lesser of evils.

For some, Methadone withdrawals can begin as soon as someone misses their administered dose. This is where we see identical patterns to that of other drugs and alcohol. Everyone experiences detox a little differently, but methadone detox is one that sometimes requires a special approach.


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Restore Detox Centers in San Diego

Restore Detox Centers offers a safe and comfortable environment that is full of love and support, absent of judgement, guilt and shame. Our home is equipped with the latest technology in the industry, best people in the business and a level of luxury not found in other detox facilities.

What is Methadone?

Methadone is a synthetic opioid prescribed to those with moderate to severe pain. It is widely used to treat opioid addiction, especially heroin addiction. Although methadone is used to treat addictions it can also lead a user to grow dependent on the drug.

What many fail to realize is the detrimental effects Methadone can have upon the body despite being a prescription aid. The liver and the kidneys, the body’s natural filters, have this synthetic strain pushed upon them day in and day out from taking the placebo prescription. Opioids of any form are not meant to be taken for extended periods of time. Just as any other substance we use for relief, the purpose is meant to be a temporary bandage of sorts. Steroids, antibiotics, or any other prescription aid will all eventually reverse the help they are providing from prolonged abuse. Once this begins, the body’s auto-immune system will begin to systematically shut down.

Methadone doesn’t stop there, the effects on the mind are just as gruesome. Methadone cuts off oxygen to the brain while inducing and depleting serotonin levels. After prolonged usage, this can cause a person to have irreversible effects that will follow them for life.

Many addicts will face symptoms that yield:

The long-term effects really leave their lasting impact but are often undermined. The psychological dependence on the substance is one that is often justified due to it being a safer alternative than the opiates that awoke the alcoholism, to begin with.

What Is Methadone Withdrawal?

Drug addiction in general will almost always come with hard consequences. Methadone, particularly when taken in high doses, can be very addictive. Because the drug is used to treat opiate addiction, people mistakenly believe they are trading one addiction or another. When addicted, methadone tolerance can grow rapidly if abused.

During substance abuse treatment, the body needs to relearn how to work with our methadone in its system. This, in turn, causes withdrawal symptoms.

These withdrawal symptoms can come with severe consequences however they can be managed while attending a comprehensive treatment center like Restore Detox in San Diego. There’s even more in severe cases, but that’s the bulk of what to expect. Opioid use disorders require medical supervision when detoxing.

Detoxification of a substance like Methadone takes a lot out of the individual being treated. We understand that no two patients’ symptoms are the same so we tailor our treatment programs to our client’s individual needs. We create a welcoming environment with counseling services to promote long-term recovery. 

Many addicts will face symptoms that yield:

Addiction Treatment with Restore

Most addicts and alcoholics aren’t excited to enter detox but Restore Detox Centers makes it a more comfortable experience than the alternative. Individuals will be made to feel at home as their medical needs are met with the highest of expectations. With a careful Methadone detox process that includes medically trained personnel 24/7, recovery from opioid addiction will be swift and painless.

Our on-site medical professionals are there to diagnose the severity of any and all symptoms. Proper medical decisions will be determined in order to benefit the individualized needs of medication, bed rest, and nutrition for every patient admitted. Our medical staff will establish a drug treatment plan that benefits each patient to the highest potential.

Medication is usually the largest individualized variable. There are several different opioid antagonists that exist to help addicts struggling with withdrawal progression. Some of these substitutive drugs include Buprenorphine, Naltrexone, or Naloxone which may or may not be administered depending upon the withdrawal severity. While these are officially classified as opioids, they do not produce the same addictive effects. These synthetic replacements are used as a placebo to ease the detoxification process.

At Restore Detox Centers, we uphold safety and professionalism in all regards. We also understand that mental health holds a big burden in those trying to recover from addiction. That’s why we offer counseling services in all of our programs. We believe the mind is as important as the body. If you want to achieve long-term recovery, it starts with Restore Detox.

Making a Decision Right For You

Depending on the length of the Methadone usage, the detox process can take anywhere from three days to a week. However, recovery from Methadone is a lifelong process that must be done the right way. After a successful Methadone detox, anything is possible for those that have been pinned down by their substance abuse.

As frightening as it is to admit this to yourself, accepting and enduring Methadone detox is the first step in recovery. We at Restore Detox Centers know exactly what it takes. If you or a loved one is struggling with Methadone, please give us a call today at 1-858-302-4570. Allow us to help you on your way to a chemically independent lifestyle.

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