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Opioid Addiction Treatment San Diego

Our Opioid Addiction Treatment in San Diego


The number of individuals afflicted with the disease of addiction is constantly growing. Overdose statistics have multiplied year after year. Something about the opioid crisis reaches the headlines daily, sending shock into the masses. With the numbers for those affected continually expanding, it’s clear the United States needs a more imminent solution.  

Opioid addiction treatment in San Diego, California, can be that starting point for anybody looking for a way out.  At Restore Detox Centers, we incorporate evidence-based behavioral health treatment into all of our substance use programs.  Contact us to get started and begin a new life filled with health and wellness.  


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Restore Detox Centers in San Diego

Restore Detox Centers offers a safe and comfortable environment that is full of love and support, absent of judgement, guilt and shame. Our home is equipped with the latest technology in the industry, best people in the business and a level of luxury not found in other detox facilities.

What Are Opioids?

Opioids also called narcotics, are a type of drug that includes prescription drugs such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, tramadol, and even heroin. Oftentimes a healthcare provider will prescribe these opioids to reduce pain after surgery or a serious injury.

These opioids are completely safe to consume but can be dangerous if abused. Because of the accessibility when they are prescribed, individuals will misuse them and lead them down a path of addiction. This addiction will make an individual compulsively seek out drugs regardless of the consequences they carry.

Opioids are highly addictive. When addicted they require the individual to rely on them, both physically and psychologically. Over time, the individual will develop a tolerance meaning that they require more to feel the same effects.

Signs and symptoms of opioid addiction include:

The good news is, we provide substance abuse treatment programs and services to promote long-term recovery. Those with substance use disorders can find hope and healing at Restore Detox Centers knowing that our staff cares for you.

Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

As previously mentioned once anybody begins administering drugs to themselves regularly, the mind and body will start to develop a tolerance. Instinctively, the mind and body will start to expect these substances as it has regulated itself to do so. Once the decision to remove the substances has been made, everything has to balance itself again. This is where a San Diego opioid addiction treatment comes in.

When first deciding to enter an opioid addiction treatment program, trying to balance the psychological reliance at hand causes a response called opioid withdrawal. This is the body’s natural process of rectifying itself once the dosage of chemicals is no longer applied. An opioid addiction treatment center will help against all of the withdrawal symptoms felt when detoxing from opioids.

Signs and symptoms of opioid addiction include:

The uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal are one reason why so many are apprehensive to admit themselves into an institution. Those symptoms vary depending on the individual. Many components will determine the length of the detox. Details like age, particular opioids being used, length of time on them, and quantities used.

Why the Need for Opioid Detox?

Restore Detox Center’s opioid addiction treatment in San Diego relies on its priority with safety and health. All clients arriving for detoxification are evaluated. From the moment they show up until deemed fit for discharge by our medical professionals.

Some may arrive in worse conditions than others, thus requiring focal points for specific parts of their recovery. This length of stay is contingent upon the individual’s health and is necessary for revitalization. Every treatment plan will alter.

The medical staff of your trusted opioid detox will evaluate each individual’s condition thoroughly before executing any medications for help. That same staff will then consistently monitor those medications, vital signs, and other procedures for your benefit from then on out.

Restore Detox Center’s detoxification program is set up for all to enjoy everything our program has to offer. All while being able to rest and reset. Time heals all wounds, just as it does for detoxification and recovery. We recognize and embrace the need to address alcoholic thinking as the life-threatening disease that it truly is.

Detoxification from opioids should be done in a safe and friendly environment. We offer cunning medical, homeopathic, and physical practices as the basis of our addiction treatment services. These protocols will, in turn, help with the renewal of blood, brain, and skin cells during this early sobriety recovery period.  Opioid addiction treatment in San Diego can begin as soon and simply as just picking up the phone.

Finding the Right Opioid Detox in San Diego for You

Upon entering addiction treatment, there must be an acceptance and readiness for change. Alcoholic thinking is a tricky mental disease that always catches people off guard. When you think you have the obsessive thinking figured out, addiction pulls something out of its sleeve that surprises everyone. Being proactive in our health choices will help everything flow smoothly as we allow the chemicals to exit our bodies slowly.

We at Restore Detox Centers know that addiction will cause lives to revolve around chemical consumption. If you or a loved one struggles with getting sober, you might need opioid addiction treatment in San Diego. Please contact us and call today.

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