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Is Alcohol Really a Drug

alcohol drug restore detox centers Nov 20, 2023


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In today's society, the consumption of alcohol has become so normalized that not partaking often raises eyebrows. In our latest podcast episode, we sit down with Steven Ginsburg, founder of Restore Detox Centers, to delve into the hidden impacts of alcohol on society and individuals.


Alcohol is one of the few substances where people often feel the need to explain why they're not consuming it. This perception is deeply ingrained in societal norms and heavily influenced by the strategic marketing campaigns of alcohol companies. These companies often employ clever tactics to lure in new drinkers, from associating alcohol with celebratory events to promoting the idea that moderate consumption is harmless. However, the truth is, alcohol is a harmful substance with detrimental effects on both a neurological and spiritual level.


The impact of alcohol goes beyond the individual consumer. The episode also explores the effects of alcohol on a global scale and the critical need to debunk the socially accepted drug narrative. For instance, the global decline in alcohol consumption can be attributed to increased awareness and individuals seeking help for their addiction. However, this doesn't mean the battle is won. Alcohol companies continue to strategize ways to keep their revenue cycle flowing, with little regard for the human element.


In the episode, we also tackle the often overlooked topic of alcoholism and parenting. Parents play a crucial role in shaping their children's perceptions of alcohol. Therefore, it's essential for parents to be aware of the risks associated with underage drinking and the importance of regular drug and alcohol testing. The episode offers practical advice for parents, like testing their children and not enabling underage drinking within their homes.


One of the most poignant parts of the episode is our discussion on supporting a loved one struggling with addiction. Here, we highlight the importance of authenticity and transparency. Often, it's the ability to be vulnerable and honest that paves the way for solutions. It's also important to remember that there are resources available for those seeking help. The journey to recovery may be difficult, but it is possible, and there are countless stories of individuals who have successfully reclaimed their lives from addiction.


This episode serves as a stark reminder of the unseen effects of alcohol. By challenging societal norms and perceptions, we hope to shift perspectives and encourage more open conversations about alcohol and its societal implications. After all, the first step to addressing a problem is recognizing it exists.

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