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When Sean King grabbed the mic for our podcast, his vulnerability and honesty set the tone. He opened up about his battle with addiction, from the early days of drinking in Sonoma Valley to the moment he decided to get sober, with Steven T. Ginsburg joining in.

We dove deep into Sean's struggles with alcoholism, discussing how societal norms often masked the seriousness of his drinking habits. His move to Huntington Beach at 21 painted a picture of someone lost in a party lifestyle, a story familiar to many who struggle with addiction. But amidst the challenges, there was a message of hope, highlighting the possibility of change and the resilience of those who seek it.

Throughout the conversation, Sean shared his ongoing journey, heavily influenced by Alcoholics Anonymous and its principles. Approaching his 42nd birthday, he reflected on the courage it takes to stay sober every day, emphasizing the importance of community support.

As we wrapped up, Sean spoke of the impact AA has had on his life and the importance of reaching out for help. His story wasn't just his own—it was a reminder to listeners that they're not alone in their struggles and that there's strength in shared experiences.

In essence, Sean's journey showcased the human capacity for transformation in the face of addiction. It's a testament to the power of choosing recovery every day, emerging from challenges not unscathed, but stronger than before.


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