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Are Prescription Drugs Really Safe?

addiction recovery fentanyl prescription drugs recovery restore detox centers Jul 08, 2024

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Prescription drugs, though legal and often perceived as safe, can be highly dangerous when misused. Our podcast episode explores these risks, focusing on issues like over-medication and drug misuse among youth. It challenges the misconception that legality equals safety, highlighting alarming statistics and the deadly potential of substances like fentanyl.

Over-medication is highlighted as a silent epidemic exacerbated by easy access through legal channels like telemedicine. The podcast stresses the urgent need for awareness and proactive measures, especially concerning the 5% of 12th graders who report misusing prescription drugs.

Parents are urged to engage early and openly with children about drug risks, emphasizing education and dialogue as crucial tools for prevention. The episode also discusses specific dangers of opioids and the importance of strict adherence to medical guidance. Visit for more resources and support in this vital endeavor.


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