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Entitlement Complex of the Addict

addict addiction entitlement restore detox centers Nov 27, 2023


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Addiction is a multifaceted problem, with many elements contributing to its persistence and impact on the lives of individuals and their families. One such element is entitlement, a topic we explored in our recent podcast episode with Steven T Ginsburg, the founder of Restore Detox Centers.

Entitlement is often observed in those struggling with addiction. The individual at the center of addiction behaves as if they're the center of the universe, often leading to a devastating impact on the people and organizations around them. Such self-centered behavior can undermine the effectiveness of treatment programs designed to help them recover.

According to Steven, this sense of entitlement and the enabling behavior of those around the addicted person contribute significantly to the devastating cycle of addiction. His insights offer a fresh perspective on understanding addiction recovery, highlighting the importance of confronting entitlement and self-centered behavior.

In the context of addiction recovery, Steven discussed how entitlement affects treatment programs. He highlighted the critical role of nurturing and motivating patients to acknowledge their self-centered behavior. This acknowledgment can trigger a shift in their perspective, which is essential for recovery.

One of the key strategies suggested by Steven is to stop providing any resource that enables and perpetuates the disease. This includes emotional, physical, and financial support. By streamlining support to focus solely on getting the help they need, we can begin to dismantle the mechanism of self-centeredness.

It's also important to note that dealing with an individual's sense of entitlement requires a careful approach. We must avoid shaming or berating the person, as this can lead to resistance rather than willingness to change. Instead, fostering self-awareness and understanding of the costs – emotional, physical, and financial – their behavior inflicts on others can be more effective.

Steven emphasizes the importance of being bold, courageous, and an advocate for the solution, rather than perpetuating the disease of alcoholism and addiction. His insights serve as a powerful reminder of the complexity of addiction recovery and the need for a fresh perspective to effectively navigate this challenging journey.

In conclusion, confronting entitlement and self-centered behavior is a crucial step in addiction recovery. This episode with Steven T Ginsburg offers invaluable insights into this complex issue, providing a unique perspective that can inspire change and help individuals on their recovery journey.

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