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Giving Up One Thing to Get Everything

addiction restore detox centers sobriety substance abuse Jun 21, 2024

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Steven’s story is a beacon of hope, illustrating how surrendering substances can open the door to a manageable and fulfilling life. He explains the psychological and physiological toll of addiction, highlighting the power of complete abstinence. Despite knowing the consequences, addicts often continue using substances due to cravings and irrational behavior. The only solution, Steven emphasizes, is total abstinence.

Addiction devastates every aspect of life, from relationships to careers. Steven recounts how many lose everything to substance abuse and stresses recognizing addiction as a disease that makes addicts different from others. Understanding this is crucial to grasping the irrationality of addiction.

Recovery, according to Steven, relies on daily commitment. Working a recovery program, attending meetings, prayer, and the 12 steps have kept him sober for over 19 years. He highlights the importance of resilience and warns against complacency, urging continuous focus on recovery.

Steven’s message is clear: sobriety offers integrity, manageability, and fulfillment. His inspiring journey demonstrates that giving up substances can lead to a restored and liberated life. This episode is essential listening for anyone struggling with addiction or seeking to understand the profound impact of sobriety. Tune in for a hopeful and insightful discussion on the path to true freedom.


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