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How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs and Alcohol

alcohol drugs kids Nov 05, 2023


As a dedicated participant in the effort to combat substance abuse, Restore Detox Centers recognizes the essential role parents play in this endeavor. It is an unfortunate truth that substance abuse does not discriminate by age, thereby posing a significant threat to our children. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a 2020 survey revealed that over 14% of high school seniors reported using marijuana in the past month, and 31.6% admitted to alcohol consumption within the same period.


Your Role as a Parent

While these figures are indeed worrying, parents shouldn't shy away from discussing drugs and alcohol with their children. As a part of our community, we encourage you to step into this responsibility and create an environment of trust and openness where your children feel safe to express their thoughts, concerns, and questions. This can be instrumental in helping them deal with peer pressure, make informed decisions, and ultimately, evade the potential dangers of substance abuse.


Initiating the Conversation

Asking yourself when and how to start talking to your children about drugs and alcohol? The answer is fairly simple: start early and keep the conversation going. By fostering open communication from a young age, you become a reliable source of information for your children. Remember, the way you approach these discussions is crucial. Rather than resorting to scare tactics, adopt a calm and authoritative tone to ensure your children actively participate and take in the information.


Educate, Don’t Just Inform

Preventing substance abuse is not about scaring children but educating them. Providing accurate information about drugs and alcohol can dispel any misconceptions or peer pressure they might face. It's also essential to discuss the potential risks and repercussions of substance abuse, such as impaired judgment, addiction, and legal troubles.


Facilitating Dialogue

To help you commence this crucial conversation with your kids, here are some guiding questions:

  • Have they heard about drugs or alcohol at school or from friends? If so, what have they heard?
  • What are their thoughts about individuals who use drugs or alcohol?
  • Are they aware of the effects of substances like marijuana, cocaine, or alcohol on their body and brain?
  • How would they deal with a situation where they are offered drugs or alcohol?


Conclusion: A Collective Effort

Discussing drugs and alcohol can be overwhelming, but it's a necessary step in ensuring the safety and well-being of our children. A trusting environment, accurate education, and regular conversations can empower our children to make informed decisions and resist drugs and alcohol. By keeping the dialogue ongoing and providing guidance as they grow, we can equip them with the information and strategies they need to lead fulfilling lives, free from the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Together, we can make a substantial impact on the future of our youth. One conversation at a time, we can build an educated and empowered generation that makes healthy decisions. Thank you for taking this critical first step by engaging with this guide. Let's continue the conversation and make a difference together.

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