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How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs and Alcohol

addiction alcohol abuse drug abuse kids and drugs recovery Dec 18, 2023


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Having conversations about drugs and alcohol with children is a daunting task for many parents. However, it's a crucial conversation that can shape a child's understanding and attitude towards substance abuse. In this podcast episode, we're joined by Steven T Ginsburg, founder of Restore Detox Centers, who shares his expertise on how to approach this topic without sparking undue curiosity.

The podcast delves into the discomfort parents often feel when confronting this topic and challenges the hopeful disconnect of believing that their child won’t be affected. The episode highlights the importance of initiating these dialogues during middle school, where children are at an impressionable age and are most susceptible to external influences. Ginsburg asserts that educating children about the detriments of substance abuse can be achieved without making them overly curious about these substances.

In addition to addressing the issue, the role of a guardian extends to safeguarding your child from falling into the trap of addiction. This requires parents to be open, present, and alert. Drawing from personal experiences, the podcast underscores the importance of these qualities in effectively protecting children from the perils of substance abuse.

Ginsburg shares insights on programs like DARE, offering a balanced perspective on their effectiveness and potential setbacks. He advocates for a home-based approach to educating children about substance abuse, where parents are the primary educators and institutions like schools and churches act as support mechanisms.

The podcast episode concludes with a call to action for parents - be bold, be brave, stand with and for your children against the dangers of substance abuse. In the world we live in, where every substance will eventually be legal, taxed, and marketed, it's essential for parents to take on the responsibility of educating their children about the risks and consequences of substance abuse.

Ultimately, the goal of these conversations is to protect our children from themselves. By initiating these discussions early on and providing them with accurate and transparent information, we can arm them with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions when they eventually encounter these substances.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. Resources are available on our website for additional support. We're here to guide you through these tough conversations, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Stand with your children, protect them, and guide them towards a safe and healthy future.

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