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What's Your True Identity

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In the latest podcast, "What's Your True Identity" we dive into the complexities of identity and addiction recovery. It begins with a quirky story about encountering furries at a roller-skating outing, setting the stage for a broader discussion on identity confusion and self-expression.

Steven shares his personal journey, revealing how substance abuse clouded his sense of self and how sobriety helped him rediscover his true identity. His narrative offers hope to anyone feeling lost. A central theme is the liberating power of being true to oneself, inspired by the advice "to thine own self, be true." The hosts emphasize that past mistakes don't define us and discuss the daily blessings of sobriety and the grace found in a supportive community.

Steven explains how substances exacerbate confusion and how sobriety brings clarity, aiding self-discovery. The hosts reflect on their experiences of feeling lost and finding clarity through sobriety. They stress the importance of self-acceptance and living authentically, expressing gratitude to listeners and encouraging them to share the podcast to extend its impact.

Steven's transformation from confusion to clarity is inspiring. The conversation emphasizes self-acceptance, the daily blessings of sobriety, and the importance of a supportive community.  For anyone feeling lost, this podcast offers valuable insights and encouragement, reminding us that past mistakes do not define us and that clarity through sobriety can reveal our true selves.

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