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Cocaine is an illegal Schedule II stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Ongoing cocaine use can lead to dependency, psychological issues, and cardiovascular problems. Cocaine use can also cause physical side effects such as coke jaw. Overdoses can be fatal. 

People who are addicted to cocaine may experience difficult withdrawal symptoms that can trigger relapse and use. Support groups such as Cocaine Anonymous (CA) can help recovering addicts maintain sobriety.

What is a CA Meeting?

CA is a peer-led support group for individuals overcoming cocaine dependency. CA groups host CA meetings where addicts can share their stories and find sober friends to support their recovery. 

CA meetings incorporate the same 12 Step principles found in Alcoholics Anonymous programs.

How to Find a CA Group in San Diego

Cocaine Anonymous in San Diego accepts anyone who is managing an addiction to cocaine or other stimulants. The only criterion for participating in a meeting is the desire for sobriety.

Cocaine Anonymous Meetings in San Diego

Cocaine Anonymous in San Diego hosts meetings across the city on a weekly or monthly basis. Attendees can attend as many meetings as they wish and participate in the way that feels most helpful for their journey. Find ongoing CA meetings in San Diego. 

In-Person Cocaine Anonymous Meetings in San Diego

Cocaine Anonymous in San Diego is traditionally held in person. The meetings have a limited capacity, but individuals can attend on a drop-in basis. 

CA meetings take place in publicly-accessible but private spaces, such as spiritual centers. However, the organization has no religious affiliation. Anyone from any background can attend and participate. 

Online Cocaine Anonymous Meetings in San Diego

Since the pandemic, many CA meetings have shifted to a virtual format. Online meetings are beneficial for individuals with logistical or personal barriers to participating in person. 

Virtual and in-person meetings have the same format and rules of conduct. Online sessions take place over Zoom or other video conference software. An internet connection is required to participate.

CA Meeting Format: What Happens at Cocaine Anonymous Meetings?

While there are no guidelines on how a CA meeting is organized, many CA groups follow a standard format outlined in the 12 Steps literature.

Generally, meetings open with a prayer. However, members are not required to participate or hold any particular religious beliefs.

Next, one member may read a passage about CA or Cocaine addiction. 

Depending on the format, members may take turns sharing any progress or challenges in their recovery. Other members are asked to remain silent and listen respectfully. Members can only speak about their own experiences, and not comment on what others have said.

Following the sharing, some groups may acknowledge members’ sobriety milestones with a sobriety coin or cake. 

In the final minutes of the meeting, members may interact with each other and trade contract information. Many groups ask members to voluntarily write down their contact information on a shared document.

The meeting may close with meditation, reading, or prayer.

What to Expect When Attending a Cocaine Anonymous Meeting

CA meetings are designed to be welcoming, unimposing, and inviting spaces. The meeting room will be well-kept and there will be free of charge refreshments.

Members are encouraged to respect each other’s confidentiality and privacy. Whatever is shared during a meeting is meant to remain in that space. 

CA meetings follow the 12 Traditions of the 12-Step model. This can include Tradition 7, which states that CA must be self-supporting and not accept outside monetary contributions. Sometimes this tradition includes passing a donation basket amongst the attendees. However, no member is obligated to contribute.

The Benefits of Cocaine Anonymous Meetings

CA meetings provide a safe, confidential space for individuals overcoming addiction to cocaine and other stimulants can find fellowship with other addicts in recovery.

CA offers a structured setting to learn new coping strategies to manage cravings and avoid relapse. CA groups also support members outside of meetings. Participants can contact other members at any time to receive words of encouragement and support to remain sober in the face of temptation. 

The anonymity of CA can also attract individuals who would otherwise not seek out support.

Who Should Go to CA Meetings in San Diego?

CA meetings, as with other 12-Step-based recovery programs, expect that sobriety is the goal for all participants.

For this reason, CA is most appropriate for people who are willing to abstain from stimulant use. Beyond that, anyone in recovery from cocaine addiction can participate in Cocaine Anonymous meetings in San Diego.

Cost to Attend Cocaine Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous is free. Members can choose to make a nominal donation during a meeting. However, there is no fee for participation.

How Restore Detox Centers Can Help

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