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September 14, 2021

Hurdles You May Face Finding a Job in Early Sobriety

There are lots of “firsts” in life that we all experience. There are your first steps, there are your first words, and there’s your first time you lose a tooth. We’re all born anew into this world and accumulate knowledge thru emotionally and intellectually curious experiences. Some firsts are the last while others are the beginning of many.  

However, there is a beginning for everything in life, but only some firsts have that lasting impact that stains the walls of our memory. There’s that first time we got in a car accident, that first time we vomited for hours from getting too inebriated, or even for some, there’s that first time of getting handcuffed slapped on your wrists in a Walgreens parking lot. Everybody’s firsts very a little.

At the same time, all the lasting impacts don’t have to be bad if we make them. There’s that first (hopefully last) time we get clean from drugs/alcohol, that first A.A. meeting we walk into, or that first job in early sobriety. All of these can have positive outcomes if we allow ourselves to be cliche and reap what we sew. Finding a job in early sobriety can be just as tough as anything else, it just depends on what we are willing to put into it.

Addiction is the Job

Sure finding a job in early sobriety might not seem like a big deal, but for some, it’s a pretty large molehill to climb. A lot of addicts turn away from structure- we are creatures that look for any change or thrill available. We’d rather be out there lighting fires to the world than cooped up in an office or restaurant for 8+ hours of our days passing by. Who doesn’t love impulsivity or spontaneity? As addicts and alcoholics, we are so used to running our lives with a rebel yell while disregarding any sort of routine. If we had a job it was only to support family, keep a roof over our head, or in most instances just feed our ugly alcoholic thinking.

As if changing our lives entirely to fit into this recovery thing wasn’t enough, now we have to try being responsible and find a job in early sobriety. This comes off as much more of a challenge than most of us anticipate. So often we’re our much of our lives wrapped around substances never taking anything seriously. Now that we have admitted to our addictive thinking we can finally move forward changing some of those character defects we struggled with in our chemical bound immaturity.   

Sober Destiny

Getting a solid routine down while finding a job in early sobriety might take a little to adjust but is absolutely necessary. Nobody is saying that we all have to be black and white like robots and monotonously do the same exact thing day in and day out just because we have bills to pay. There’s lots of different ways to look at finding a job in early sobriety. It’s important to prioritize this in the beginning for reasons like:

  • Providing Structure/Routine
  • Being able to Keep up with Bills
  • Adapting to the Behaviors of Others
  • Preventing Too Much Free Time
  • Contributing to Society

Something simple like having too much time to ourselves is a reason we need to keep busy with volunteering or a career of some sorts. How’s the saying go again, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”? This can be the case for anybody and not just us in recovery. It’s in our nature to be inquisitive, we just need to keep ourselves in check the best we can and follow patterns of positive behaviors.

people waiting to interview

Becoming a Recovery Track Star

They show us in recovery that taking the time to process the trials and tribulations we experience will create a better relationship with self in the end. Understanding what makes us tick or why it is that something can evoke certain emotion out of us is what half of recovery is based around. Taking the time to be introspective will create room for self-improvement. Once we can see our reflections, then we can understand our struggles and wherein the solution may lie.  

Entering recovery we decide that we’re tired of half-assing and slacking and want to raise the bar for ourselves. In finding a job in early sobriety, we have to reach deep down and find the courage within. Our inner cowardly lion convinces a lot of us that we won’t be able to properly interview or function without a sip from the bottle. Alcoholic thinking tries to rationalize that it was the substances that gave us our confidence. Alcoholism will always tell you lies- sweet little lies. Finding a job in early sobriety helps to muffle the voice that the disease once had. Don’t listen to a thing it tells you.

Jumping Over the Fears

Some of us were bartenders or worked in places that aren’t specifically conducive to recovery. A career change is sometimes the best for those of us finding a job in early sobriety. Most of the time it is fear that will bring all our forward marching to a halt. Sometimes that isn’t necessary but still recommended.

The goal is to stay conscious of your triggers and the things that could take any of us back out. We have the power to do anything we put our minds to without substance abuse clouding productivity. It all boils down to applying the principles we learn in recovery while finding a job in early sobriety. Being a better full of selfless integrity is how we avoid the fear that will slow us down. In the end, alcoholic thinking puts us on a treadmill with never-ending hurdles. Recovery makes finding a job in early sobriety possible to leave the hurdles behind.  

Avoiding Unnecessary Hurdles

Being stuck in the misery that is active addiction is like slowly being tortured over time. Addiction and alcoholism will create a never-ending supply of problems to overcome. Remember, finding a job will remain impossible if nobody wants to hire you. Sobriety can redeem this and make us worthwhile again. If you or your loved one is ready to leave substance dependency behind and start a new way of life, please call 1-858-293-1363 or visit Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind. 


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