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Rehabs that allow pets are increasingly being recognized as an important treatment option for many patients.  At Restore Detox, Treatment, and Aftercare Services, we are dedicated to providing the people we help with every tool available to help them succeed, including the companionship of their furry loved ones.  We are a pet friendly San Diego rehab facility.

Can I Bring My Pet to Rehab?


Studies have shown that pets can improve a person’s overall wellbeing, with over 90% of people in recovery benefit from having their pet by their side. Therefore, we consider it our duty to give patients the opportunity to bring their beloved animals (within reason) on their road to recovery.  We understand the undeniable bond between people and their furry friends, and respect the science showing that relationship can be a powerful healer.

What Is a Pet Friendly Rehab Center?


If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, rehab can be a difficult journey. At our pet friendly rehab San Diego, we recognize the healing power of animals and offer pet-friendly treatment options to help patients in their recovery process. Our pet-friendly rehab facility provides an environment where people can bring their furry friends with them, enabling a better process for our patients.

How a Pet-Friendly Rehab Facility Works


We assess each patient and their pet upon arrival and throughout the treatment process. Our goal is to create a supportive, compassionate atmosphere that includes all members of our clients’ families. We believe in providing a holistic approach to recovery.  Our dog friendly rehab San Diego has beautiful grounds for the animals to accompany their owners and take part in the recovery process. Patients who bring their pets to rehab are responsible to ensure ahead of time with the clinic that the pet is appropriate to bring and that the patient has a reasonable plan for taking complete care of their animal while in treatment.


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How Pets Can Help in Addiction Treatment


Having a pet can be medically beneficial for those in addiction treatment. Studies have shown that pet owners report improved mental health, a decrease in anxiety, and even an increase in overall happiness. For example, research has found that snuggling with a cat or dog releases oxytocin which helps to reduce blood pressure and promote feelings of contentment within humans. That’s just one reason why our inpatient rehab San Diego is a dog and cat friendly rehab San Diego.

Benefits of Having Your Pet in Rehab


Our pet friendly rehab San Diego has identified some significant practical benefits of patients having a pet with them during detox and treatment. For example, studies have been conducted which show that blood pressure levels can be reduced when interacting with animals. Additionally, being in the presence of your pet can give comfort and reduce feelings of loneliness or isolation while undergoing treatment. Finally, it saves you from having to arrange for a pet sitter in your absence, which can be an added stress and distraction.

What To Look For In A Pet Friendly Rehab

There are an estimated 89.7 million pet owners in the United States. This makes up approximately 64% of households, which means that a majority of us have furry friends at home. When looking for a pet friendly rehab California, it is important to consider the space and comfort they offer. A good center will have dedicated space for pets to be kept under supervision while their owner is receiving treatment. Additionally, all areas the pets have access to should be safe and comfortable with access to water, food, toys, and beds. The facility should also provide plenty of fresh air, sunlight, and space to exercise.

Getting Addiction Treatment With Your Pet at Restore Detox Centers


Getting addiction treatment at a pet friendly facility is a unique and rewarding experience. Providing a detox environment that allows you to bring your pet can make the process of recovery much more comfortable and enjoyable, as it provides companionship and reliable support. Patients in our San Diego pet friendly addiction treatment facility benefit from personalized care and the comfort of a furry loved one to be there during times of quiet reflection. 

Does Insurance Cover Pet-Friendly Rehab?

Cats and dogs are the most common types of animals suitable for addiction rehab. It is important to note, however, that all pets should be assessed by staff to determine the safety and suitability of the animal in the recovery environment. Animals can provide a sense of companionship, comfort, and structure which may be beneficial during treatment. Pets must be house-trained, well-behaved, and able to coexist with others. All animals coming to our pet friendly rehab San Diego should have up-to-date vaccinations and health care records.

Does Insurance Cover Pet-Friendly Rehab?


Fortunately, insurance companies are recognizing the cost and achievement benefits of a variety of good rehab facility practices, such as pet-friendly rehab to replacement therapy addiction treatment.  Studies have found that pet owners tend to experience lower stress levels, and may even be at a decreased risk for developing certain conditions, like heart disease or depression. Owning a pet can also provide companionship and help combat loneliness. We work with your insurance company to help you get the maximum amount of coverage to meet all of your detox, treatment, and aftercare needs. Get in touch today for more information.

Get Help at a Pet Friendly Rehab in San Diego


If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and need support, a pet friendly detox and addiction rehab facility can be an excellent option. Taking care of your furry companion while getting help for yourself can provide comfort and motivation. People who are reminded of the love they have in their lives, including that of a pet, are more likely to stick with their treatment plan since it helps keep them focused on the good things that are there for them in sobriety. Check out our beautiful, comfortable, pet friendly rehab San Diego today to get started on your journey to a better life.

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