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August 24, 2021

What Role Does Nutrition Play in the Detox Process?

Breathing heavily from smoking too many cancer sticks, fast food on a regular basis, and the last time we ran was maybe to the liquor store or from the cops. Any of this sound familiar? Good health is something that many strive for without having a particular goal in mind. Along the paths of life, we lose sight of that unstructured goal that never existed and we find ourselves uncomfortably out of shape- physically and mentally, wondering what went wrong.

There are lots of different ways to look at the word “healthy”. For some, that means trying not to eat fried foods and trans fats all of the time. For others, it may mean exercising once in a blue moon to fulfill some irrational insecurities. Then there are some that define being healthy as “Hey, well at least I’m not smoking crack anymore.” Clearly, the definition of health takes a different turn when we mix substance abuse into the equation.  

A great philosopher by the name of Socrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This is such a simple practice that modern medicine tends to overlook. Proper nutrition is one of the best remedies for healing self and obtaining that goal of health. There couldn’t be more truth to this when getting clean from drugs and alcohol. We are quick to forget that the mind and body work together for every thought we have or step we take.

An Apple a Day

Alcoholism in any form can be detrimental to nutrition. It doesn’t matter whether there’s a needle in your arm or you spent your last bit of change on penny slots, alcoholic thinking takes over your complete psych as all other aspects of health slip out the door. All the drugs and booze did was comfortably numb us to this point.

If by the grace of a miracle we can make it into recovery, we begin to spot our dismissive behaviors more so than ever. Taking care of ourselves in the long run and preserving our health becomes the main focus in recovery; anybody actually working a program that is. Allowing ourselves to focus on some of our nutritious ways can be the major difference between staying on one side of addiction or the other. As previously mentioned, the mind and body are connected in more ways than we usually acknowledge. Think about it: when we are sluggish physically we are also sloth-like mentally. A healthy body means a healthy mind.

A Nutritious Sobriety

Nutrition while going through detox has an enormous effect on our health and wellbeing. Following healthy nutrition practices while in sobriety isn’t just for keeping the belt loops down. The list of benefits from eating right range all over from:

  • Repairs and revitalizing. Healthy foods can help the body to regenerate itself
  • Better heart health, thus preventing heart disease or other complications down the line
  • Increased blood circulation helping you feel less lethargic
  • Improved and stronger bone health
  • Better energy levels and less fatigue throughout the day

nutritious foods

  • Better weight control- believe it or not, more food helps you lose weight
  • Increased brain productivity and focus
  • Regular urination and bowel movements- no more constipation from narcotics
  • Better sleep at night as the body is put into a different sense of ease
  • An overall sense of health and happiness from the body getting what it craves- you’ll feel it

Following proper nutrition, while detoxing is a base example of the commitment that recovery takes. Recovery isn’t just a matter of dropping the substances, but changing the lifestyle we embodied in our bodies. The booze isn’t the specific problem, it’s our style of thinking that awakens the obsessive drinking.

Choosing to be healthy in any definition of the word is a major decision, and those that have been thru it will tell you as much.

Soul Food

Keeping balanced nutrition in the early stages of sobriety will help the body mend itself of infection and disease believe it or not. It won’t mask addiction, but healthy eating will surely hinder it. The right diet when focusing on nutrition can even help repair organ damage which is imperative to those just dropping the chemicals.

Nutrition and giving the body what it needs to play a role in everybody’s mood- sober or not. Changing your diet can with the right vitamins and minerals change the physiology of our brains. Natural food has so much power in it. Long ago medications and pharmaceuticals did not exist as a duct-tape solution. Unfortunately, pills control health in the 21st century, but that’s okay if we know the truth behind food and health. Healthy fruits and vegetables will always remain superior to the local burger chain.

Those who have poor dietary habits have been seen as prone to relapse- there is a correlation. Lacking in food and specific nutrients can easily change the mind’s rationale. Eating frequent and healthy meals can help avoid this so cravings do not make themselves more prominent. Nutrition during the detox process is a way to start off this recovery thing the right way with a full tank upstairs. Everybody struggles when they’re running on fumes. We’ve got this one life to live, might as well take care of ourselves in the best capacity we can. Recovery gives us a whole lot of living to do, might as well do it right.  

Detoxing and THEN Eating Right

Recovery from addiction and alcoholism is a long road, but one that is worth battling every step of the way. Adding a nutritious gameplan to your recovery program can help you recover faster and with a healthier mind and body. If you or your loved one is ready to leave substance dependency behind and start this way of life, please call 1-858-293-1363 or visit Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what treatment options are best for sending your life in a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind. 


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