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Addiction recovery meetings in San Diego.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings San Diego

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Cocaine Anonymous (CA) Meetings in San Diego

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Narcotics Anonymous (NA) San Diego Meetings

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Heroin Anonymous Meetings in San Diego, CA

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Co-Dependents Anonymous Meetings in San Diego, CA

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Overcoming substance use disorder is a lifelong endeavor. After completing intensive outpatient treatment or inpatient rehab in San Diego, people in recovery will need continuous support to maintain their sobriety.

For this reason, many wellness centers and mental health clinics offer addiction recovery meetings in San Diego, where locals can find community amongst others navigating similar journeys.


What are Addiction Recovery Meetings?

Addiction recovery meetings are a form of group therapy based on the 12 Steps model of recovery. Meetings are open to anyone who feels they can benefit from attendance. 

While meetings may be moderated by an addiction specialist, members take a leading role in the format and content of the sessions.

Addiction meetings can serve as a source of social support. Members often get together outside of meetings and participate in wellness-promoting activities. Many addiction meetings also connect members to a recovery mentor who can provide emotional support when the risk of relapse is high.

Different Types of Addiction Recovery Meetings & Groups

There are addiction recovery meetings in San Diego for people facing different types of substance abuse and addiction-related issues. 

Addiction recovery meetings in San Diego may take place in person or online. There are also groups tailored to the needs of specific communities, including LGBTQ+, men, women, and teens.

Where to Find Addiction Recovery Meetings in San Diego

Here is a directory of addiction recovery meetings in San Diego:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings in San Diego

Alcoholics Anonymous is a peer support meeting for people who are recovering from alcohol use disorder. Meetings may be open or closed. Open meetings allow both individuals in recovery and their loved ones to attend. Closed meetings are solely for people in recovery.

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) Meetings in San Diego

Cocaine Anonymous meetings are designed for individuals battling controlled substance addiction. Meetings are only for people in recovery. 

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) San Diego Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous is a broad support group that accepts individuals navigating sobriety from any type of substance. The only membership requirement is a desire to remain sober.

Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA) Meetings in San Diego

Co-Depedents Anonymous is a support group for individuals who have patterns of co-dependent, destructive relationships. CoDA members come from all types of backgrounds and may be dealing with a loved one’s addiction or mental health issues.

Heroin Anonymous (HA) Meetings in San Diego

Heroin Anonymous was founded in 2004 by an individual in recovery from heroin addiction. HA follows the 12 Steps model and supports members abstaining from heroin and other narcotic use.


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Why Addiction Recovery Meetings Work

According to the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change, addiction is a chronic condition and the risk of relapse is always present. 

Addiction recovery meetings are a source of peer support, an essential component of relapse prevention and behavior change maintenance. 

Addiction recovery meetings also follow the principles of confidentiality and anonymity. This increases the likelihood that people will seek help.

What to Expect When Attending an Addiction Recovery Meeting

Most recovery meetings have standard protocols and group rules. As a newcomer, you may hear an introduction about the purpose and structure of the meeting. Many meetings begin with a read-aloud from 12 Step literature. 

After that, each member is invited to share their thoughts and experiences. Other members are expected to listen respectfully. Members should only talk about their own experiences, and not comment on what others have shared. However, during break times, members can interact and connect with one another. No one is obligated to speak or share. 

At the end of the meeting, members can trade contact information.

The Benefits of Addiction Recovery Meetings

Addiction recovery meetings are effective programs for helping recovering addicts navigate sobriety and avoid relapse. There are many benefits to participating in addiction recovery meetings:

Voluntary- Members have a lot of autonomy in how they participate in the program. There are no attendance requirements. This counters many of the reasons why forced addiction treatment fails, including the lack of free will and a lack of commitment to change.

Private- Addiction recovery meetings have a culture of privacy. Members can share as much information about themselves as they wish. People looking for even more anonymity can participate in online and phone-based formats. 

Structured- Addiction recovery meetings serve as a reliable and predictable source of support. Meetings happen at the same time, and every session is organized in a similar fashion. Members know that they can always turn to the community for support.

Who Should Attend Addiction Recovery Meetings?

Addiction recovery meetings are beneficial for people recovering from substance use disorders, but they are not suited for everyone. 

Addiction recovery meetings promote complete abstinence. So, they are not advised for people who want to reduce, rather than stop their substance use.

Further, addiction recovery meetings do not offer professional or medical services. Ideally, membership is for people who are not at risk of death or injury from their substance use.

How Restore Detox Centers Can Help

Restore Detox Centers provide a spectrum of care that supports people with substance use disorders as they move from addiction to sobriety. Our luxurious residential facilities offer a serene atmosphere conducive to healing and recovery. 

If you would like to learn more about our addiction rehabilitation services, contact us today. 

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