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July 5, 2022

Where to Start with Positive Affirmations and Mantras

Learning to love yourself can be a difficult journey for some people. Addicts, in particular, seem to struggle on this front more than other people. After years of self-abuse through using drugs and alcohol, it can be very challenging to start loving yourself. One particularly useful tool in self-love is implementing positive affirmations and mantras. It may seem weird or foreign at first, but over time, they can really transform your life and outlook on loving yourself.

What Are Positive Affirmations and Mantras?

Before getting into how to implement them and the benefits they hold for you, let’s talk about what positive affirmations are first. Positive affirmations are specific statements that can help an individual overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts and to help you achieve your goals. Through repetition, their implementation can help you to make positive changes in your life in various areas.

Mantras are very similar to positive affirmations in many ways. Traditionally, mantras originated in Hinduism and Buddhism. A mantra is a word or sound that is repeated over and over to aid in meditation. A mantra can also be a statement or slogan repeated frequently, much like positive affirmations. Depending on how you utilize mantras, whether in meditation or application purposes, it can be either or.

How Can They Help Me?

Many people utilize positive affirmations on a daily basis. The basic premise of how positive affirmations can help you is by impacting your subconscious mind. It is believed that by repeating the phrase on a daily basis, you begin to believe the phrase and materialize whatever it is describing in your life.

For example, if one may be looking to get a promotion at work, you might say to yourself, “I am a hard worker, I am good at my job. I will get the promotion.” It is believed that through the repetition of this phrase, a sort of psychic change occurs within your subconscious mind and impacts your performance at work. Through improving your performance, you ultimately get the promotion you wanted.

Going Beyond Theory

Positive affirmations are particularly helpful for people who struggle with self-confidence. Over time, by using a positive affirmation or mantra, you can actually begin to become the confident person you want to be. The science behind positive affirmations is based mainly on the principles behind cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most successful types of therapy currently available. It is most effective in treating disorders once thought hopeless like eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorder. CBT is also highly effective in treating mood disorders and depression. In this type of psychotherapy, negative patterns of thought about self and the world are challenged to alter the subsequent unwanted behavior patterns.

There is plenty of scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy. Implementing positive affirmations is essentially a part of CBT. It literally retrains your brain. It can help create a new pattern and way of thinking that replaces the negative with a positive thought process.

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So, How Do I Start?

Now that you can understand what positive affirmations and mantras are, as well as the science behind them, it’s time to learn just how to use them. While in theory, it may seem simple enough, in application it can get tricky. Perfect practice of positive affirmations can be difficult even for a seasoned mantra veteran. Undoing the thought process you’ve more than likely employed for decades doesn’t happen overnight. It requires strict practice and vigilance. Otherwise, it just won’t work.

First, it’s best to start off by deciding what exactly you want to work on. You can’t tackle a million issues at a time. You must chip away at your mental block slowly over time. Isolate one particular area that is most troubling to you that you want to change. It could be negativity surrounding your appearance, or perhaps you have trouble with finding motivation to tackle tasks.

Once you’ve chosen your personal issue you’re interested in addressing, now it’s time to formulate your own personal positive affirmation! Sure, you can borrow someone else’s, but it’s better when you decide on one yourself. It gives it a more personalized touch. The only requirements for a positive affirmation is that it be positive in nature and is something you can easily remember to recite to yourself potentially a million times a day.

The Proof is in the Positive Affirmation

So, you’ve decided your area of concern, you’ve made your mantra, now what? Well, it’s time to start using it! The key to success with positive affirmations is practice, practice, practice! They are completely useless if you don’t remain actively self-aware and use them whenever a negative thought crops up. Being proactive is crucial to your success.

The only way to retrain the brain is promptly correct the behavior you seek to change. For example, the minute a negative thought creeps into the forefront of your mind, it is up to you to immediately redirect your train of thought. Rather than feeding into the negative thought, and following it deeper down the mental trail of negativity, you instead mentally or even verbally if you want, recite your mantra.

You may have to redirect your brain a million times a day, but the number of times you do is not important. As long as you’re consistent with your mental redirect, you’re successful. It’s like working out, over time, it becomes easier and easier. You may start to find you need to redirect far less often, and eventually, not at all. The reaction will be instantaneous, like a reflex.

The World is At Your Fingertips!

As you progress in your life and recovery, you’ll find yourself more capable of managing daily stresses. By using the awesomely useful tool of positive affirmations, you’ll find your quality of life will get better. Implementing a positive way of thinking into your life opens all types of doors for you.

Science has proven people who are positive are far more successful in life than those who toil away in negativity. Other people are also far more attracted to positive people. If you’re looking to be more successful, more attractive, or even just a little happier, using positive affirmations and mantras may be just what you need!

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